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Unlock marketing efficiencies. Drive sales & traffic more effectively. Prove the ROI of marketing.

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Save Time & Drive Revenue with M360

M360 is an end-to-end marketing solution for shopping centers that streamlines multi-channel marketing execution, delivers personalized messages to shoppers at the most influential moments, and provides user-friendly reporting on KPIs that matter.

With M360, shopping centers can build more complete shopper profiles, manage off-property and proximity-based text and email messaging, create automated messaging workflows, and view results in real time – all from a single platform.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

Save time and money by managing email and SMS marketing all in one user-friendly platform. Leverage this multi-channel approach to drive exceptional database growth.

• Use SMS to increase email open rates by 20 – 30%

• SMS messages have a 98% open rate & a 29% click-thru rate when a link is included


Proximity Marketing

Increase sales and support key tenants by reaching shoppers while they’re on property and the most receptive to your messaging.

• Earn a 90% read rate within 3 minutes when you connect with shoppers onsite

• Offers are 19x more effective when received at the point of purchase


Marketing Automation

Save time by automatically delivering messages triggered by shopper behavior, resulting in additional touchpoints and personalized experiences that increase shopper engagement.


Real-Time Results

Measure success of campaigns in real time, and refine strategy and messaging when needed to optimize results. Conveniently monitor performance across all channels anytime, anywhere, from any device.


Complete Shopper Profiles

An automated profile builder combines data from social, mobile and digital channels to create a more complete picture of your shopper. Use these robust profiles to inform timely and relevant messaging.


Reporting on KPIs that Matter

Make strategic decisions based on user-friendly property-level and portfolio-level reports designed specifically for shopping centers. Connect marketing efforts to tangible on-property results, proving the ROI of marketing.

Smarter Marketing with m360

Connect shopper data and insights collected via website, social media, in-center WiFi, and SMS in one database. Built-in safeguards ensure marketing efforts meet legal requirements and opt-in compliance.

Segment the database into groups based on demographics, preferences, and behavioral data like in-center visit history and interactions with previous marketing.

Schedule and send targeted messages to these groups via text and email. Messages can be pushed or triggered based on behavior. Shoppers can receive messages off-property, or automatically when they arrive. Pre-built automations support strategic initiatives, and customizable email templates create brand consistency.

Track engagement and interactions across all channels in real time to measure success. User-friendly reporting on relevant KPIs shows the impact of marketing on sales, traffic, visit frequency and customer engagement.



Increased single-day sales by $3,500



Boosted revenue by 15% yoy



Grew sales by 9.5%



Drove a $9,000 increase in sales

M360 Shopping Center Marketing Software

"M360 is a win-win-win. It’s completely turnkey and saves time at the property level, it drives results for the retailers, and it makes my clients happy."

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