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Text Messaging Highlight: Atlanta Nonprofit Teaches Grandparents How to Text

Text Messaging Highlight: Atlanta Nonprofit Teaches Grandparents How to Text

November 30, 2015 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News

Here’s another Benefit of Text Messaging and another Demographic You May Not Have Considered Reaching

As a SMS text messaging provider, we like to talk about the benefits of using text messaging marketing to reach consumers—especially the younger generations of consumers who are one with their Smartphone or tablet. You know they kind I’m talking about, maybe you’re even one of them! Smartphone always within reach, uses it for everything (even an alarm clock), first thing they look at in the morning and the last thing they look at before they go to bed…

Our digital devices certainly have become part of our way of life. But often, older folks get left out when it comes to text messaging. Many of them are not interested in using technology, but there is a growing number of older people that are interested in text messaging—and it might not be for the reason you’re thinking.

Check out this story run by Fox News, “Atlanta nonprofit teaches grandparents how to text—and stay in touch”. The Bluehair Technology Group, founded by Jane Ratliff, teaches grandparents how to text among other things they can do with their Smartphones and tablets. Why is this generation of folks interested in texting?

To keep in touch.

“That’s how people communicate today,” says Ratliff about text messaging. The group “travels to churches, synagogues and retirement communities to teach seniors how to use smartphones, tablets and standard computers. Instructors and volunteers take extra time to translate high tech concepts into terms relevant to the students’ age group.”

By teaching seniors how to use new technology, they will be better able to keep in touch with their children, grandchildren and possibly even their great-grandchildren (we are living longer these days!) via text messaging, video calling and how to take and send digital pictures.

Ratliff teaches seniors about podcasting by creating an analogy to radio shows in the 1940s. “The analogies are intended to give new technology a sense of familiarity,” notes the article, which is a great way to relate digital tech to what seniors know, allowing them to keep in touch with their loved ones of a younger generation.

But there is another implication as well.

And that is for marketers. The 65 million baby boomers that are still alive make up a whole new demographic that text messaging could help reach as more and more seniors embrace new technology. By communicating to seniors via text messaging, they can be more aware of what’s happening, especially from online retailers, which provide a convenient shopping channel for many of us—including seniors—who may not want to, or possibly can’t, leave their homes to shop.

If your target market includes those in the age category of 65 and over, don’t discount text messaging as an option right away—it might just be a great way to reach your consumers.

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