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RedFlag Emergency Notification System COVID Message

RedFlag Mass Notification for Microsoft Teams is now available on Microsoft AppSource

RedFlag Emergency Notification System COVID Message

January 13, 2022 Posted by in Crisis Communications, Pockestop News, Business Continuity

DALLASJan. 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/  In the event of a critical situation, communicating quickly and effectively to the desired recipients via a multi-channel communication approach is necessary. Within the US, over 700,000 companies use Microsoft 365 which includes Teams as part of its suite of products. Pocketstop is excited to announce the RedFlag + Microsoft Teams integration and a fourth main channel for alerts is now available.

By adding the ability to connect via Microsoft Teams in addition to text, voice, and email, RedFlag provides companies an even greater ability to disrupt and ensure the message reaches the intended recipient. Messages sent via RedFlag to Teams are delivered as both a desktop and mobile push notification to their Teams app, no matter their location or device. Leveraging Teams offers the functionality of sending to the other main channels, whether it is a message with links or attachments, adding a conference number to join a call, or an action-based message requiring a response. This is a powerful additional channel to help when time matters, and RedFlag is the only system to send mass notifications via Teams.

“It is important to communicate to employees the way they consume information. The Teams integration allows us to reach our employees in an additional way,” said Will Gott, Human Resource Manager at Wood-Mizer. “We have some employees that only communicate via Teams, so this ensures our messaging is heard.”

For more details on the RedFlag + Teams integration, click here, or see the RedFlag listing on Microsoft AppSource.

As a Microsoft Silver Partner, The Teams integration deepens RedFlag’s existing Microsoft Integration, ensuring Microsoft users can communicate quickly and securely with an ease of setup and integration not available in other platforms.

Current Microsoft + RedFlag users are now able to:

  • Extend their reach worldwide via app notifications through the Microsoft Teams app
  • Use the Active Directory sync to automatically import and continuously synchronize recipient data (Coming Soon)
  • Enjoy Single Sign On for ease of use and security
  • Quickly send multi-channel messages right within Outlook via the add-in
  • Be confident in security, reliability, and scalability because RedFlag is built on Microsoft Azure

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