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Groups Location based

Pocketstop RedFlag Announces Location-Based Alerts, Coming February 2023

Groups Location based

December 15, 2022 Posted by in Pockestop News, Location-Based Alerts, Mass Notification

In a critical situation, seconds can matter. For employers with a mobile or multi-location workforce, real-time location helps inform who has been affected and the proper next steps required to keep everyone safe and informed.

RedFlag is planning to release new functionality allowing users to send more relevant messages at the right time with location-targeted alerts. The updates include:

  • Hyper-targeted messages based on real-time location
  • Visual and customizable geofencing
  • A new recipient mobile app

The addition of a recipient mobile app means users can hyper-target via real-time GPS location and send relevant, timely messages with just a few clicks. Recipients can now receive RedFlag alerts via a mobile app notification, helping increase connection rates. Recipients can also better self-manage their own data and message history.

The new visual geofencing map allows administrators to draw a custom shape to see a comprehensive view of app recipients, static locations, mobile fleet like cars or trucks, and physical assets within a defined area in real-time. Admins can make predetermined location-based groups ahead of time or immediately send messages. They can even set timed-based location messages to keep recipients from entering a danger zone.

“RedFlag is focused on providing updated tools to keep recipients safe and informed through communication relevancy and clarity,” said Neal Guilliotti, Head of Product and Delivery at Pocketstop. “This latest release enables our clients to get even more precise with targeting via the geofence boundary and GPS location.”

To see more details on the upcoming release, schedule a walkthrough of the platform here.

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