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Pocketstop RedFlag’s Latest Release Adds Location-Based Alerts for Increased Safety and Communication

RedFlag Recipient App

March 30, 2023 Posted by in Pockestop News, Location-Based Alerts, Mass Notification

In today’s workplace, hyper-targeted, GPS-informed communication can mean the difference between the success or failure of your business, as well as the safety or risk of your people. Smart organizations must maintain a dynamic connection with their entire network, including providing real-time information and support to a mobile workforce. 

To meet these demands, RedFlag has released a range of enhanced functionality features that users can now utilize, including:

  • Hyper-targeted messages based on real-time location
  • Visual and customizable geofencing
  • A new recipient mobile app (for iOS and Android devices)   

Companies with location-based needs now have the ability to deliver hyper-relevant communication to their entire workforce within seconds. RedFlag’s new geofencing map allows administrators to see a comprehensive view of app recipients, static locations, mobile fleets and physical assets. Users can draw a defined boundary and message those recipients using multiple communication channels (including SMS text, voice call, email, app alert, Microsoft Teams, and more). And with the launch of the new recipient app, local, remote and traveling employees can easily update their profile and receive vital app notifications, such as emergency alerts. 

Additional applications include communicating about local illness outbreaks or public safety threats, maintenance issues such as road repairs, water outages, or repairs, and fleet or supply chain management disruptions. From government agencies employing thousands to small nonprofits operating with a limited staff, companies across the industry landscape can continue to rely on RedFlag for the reliable communication and connectivity that saves time, money—and most importantly, lives.

“Pocketstop is constantly listening to our clients feedback in order to provide the most effective mass notification system possible,” says Daniel Wagstaff, CEO at Pocketstop. “By further improving the ability to target messages to the intended audience quickly and effectively, we ensure their ability to help save them time, money and even lives.”

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