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Pocketstop Announces New Software Version Release for the RedFlag Notification System


September 23, 2015 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Additional Functionality Adds Flexibility to RedFlag

Just in time for fall, we’ve done it! We’ve successfully deployed a new rollout of our RedFlag Notification System. From the UI, database, backend jobs to the API we have made RedFlag better for users, better for our customers.

Today, I want to highlight the new features included in this release that RedFlag users are going to love.

RedFlag Message Templates:

You can now create and store message templates. These templates will help keep the format, tone and content of your messages consistent, regardless of who is pressing send. Creating templates will save time and allow you to prepare broad instructions in advance and then add specific details at the time of distribution. Once saved, message templates can be easily accessed from the drop-down box on the New Message page.

RedFlag Individual Channel Selection:

We realize that the content of the message may determine the communication channels you wish to use. You will now have the ability to independently select the channels you want including posting to Social Media.

Schedule a Message in RedFlag:

This new feature provides the ability to schedule a message in advance at the exact date and time you wish. Adjustments can always be made to edit or delete a scheduled message as needed.



RedFlag Extended Subscriber Information Fields*:

With more information, come more choices. We have extended the capability of the subscriber profile page to enable the inclusion of up to 12 additional fields of profile data. You can add this additional information via the process you already use to import your subscriber information. (Via Group Upload, the Subscriber Interface or via the automated data syncing capability.) All fields can be customized to suit your business. The benefits of these additional fields will be realized when using the new ‘Dynamic Grouping’ feature outlined below. *This feature is added upon request only. For more information please contact

RedFlag Dynamic Grouping:

One of the great features of RedFlag is the ability to target messages to only those subscribers who need to receive the information. With the addition of Dynamic Groups it just got easier. You can now filter your subscribers by one or more of the information fields outlined above, e.g. Job Title, State or Office Location making targeting the right audience even easier. 

Improved Delivery Status Reporting in RedFlag:

The delivery status information you access after sending a message has been enhanced. You can now view the exact status of each individual message when you download the full report.

RedFlag Automatic Data Syncing*:

To make uploading and maintaining your subscriber information easier, RedFlag has added data syncing functionality. You can now automatically import your data from an existing external database (E.g. Human Resource or Membership database) on any pre-set frequency you require. Ongoing data management occurs inside your existing system and upon syncing, new subscribers can be added, existing subscribers updated, and/or subscribers can be removed as appropriate. The results in the most updated database without the ongoing management. *This feature is added upon request only. For more information please contact

For more information about the RedFlag Notification System and how it can help your organization streamline communication efforts, give us a call today at 877-840-2444 or go to and live chat with us today.

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