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RedFlag Interface Refresh

Pocketstop announces an updated, refreshed interface and navigation to RedFlag Mass Notification, making it even easier to use

RedFlag Interface Refresh

September 14, 2022 Posted by in Pockestop News

DALLAS, Sept. 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Seconds count when communicating during urgent events, and the ability to navigate quickly and easily within a mass notification platform is crucial. This ease of use is accomplished by both the application design and meeting of accessibility standards that allow all users, regardless of disability, to easily navigate through, read and understand every element of the application.

Already well-known and award-winning for its ease of use, RedFlag’s latest refresh continues its commitment to be the easiest-to-use platform on the market. This update includes enhanced navigation and interface design to support accessibility and improve natural pathways for users.

“The user experience is always at the forefront of our discussions. Updating our interface to encapsulate feedback, align with enhanced design practices and meet additional accessibility standards is a practice we do regularly,” said Neal Guilliotti, Head of Product and Delivery at Pocketstop. “This design refresh enables users to have greater visibility to all of the functions within RedFlag, ensuring they navigate seamlessly and more efficiently so no time is wasted – even from less experienced users.”

Specifically, this release standardizes application sections with intuitive groupings and layers, as well as adds shortcuts for new messages and support. An optimized color palette and refreshed design meets accessibility standards. These changes ensure users can quickly navigate and draft messages, as well as get assistance.

“The update is much more user friendly and has a better flow, allowing me to create messages even faster than before,” said Luis Rivas, Aviation Safety Coordinator and RedFlag user.

To see more details on the refresh, schedule a walkthrough of the platform here.

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