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Movie Theater Utilizes Loyalty and Rewards Program to Increase Engagement with Moviegoers

Movie Theater Utilizes Loyalty and Rewards Program to Increase Engagement with Moviegoers

September 4, 2014 Posted by in Other

The excitement that going to the movie theater brings is a feeling we all know. For a couple of short hours we take a break from reality and focus on whatever is showing on the silver screen. Going to the movies is an activity that attracts a wide variety of people from all ages, races and genders. Last year, 1.34 billion tickets were purchased nationwide, giving a movie theater an incredible opportunity to attract and grow a loyal fan base with a loyalty and rewards program 1.

Loyalty and rewards programs are very widespread with loyalty memberships in the U.S. reaching 2.1 billion 2. We’ve all signed up for them — don’t you have a nice assortment of miniature plastic cards hanging from your key chain? One for the local grocery store, sandwich shop, movie theater… But, how often do we really use them? Statistics say not very much. In fact, 81% of us don’t even know the program’s benefits or how we can get rewards 2. It’s not all our fault, I mean, we’ve enrolled in so many how do we keep up?

The facts don’t lie. Consumers are enrolled in so many programs, it’s up to the company (no matter the industry) to keep consumers engaged. Many are failing to communicate with the captivated audience their loyalty and rewards program has created. Here’s one more statistics for you: 85% of loyalty members haven’t heard a single word from the companies whose loyalty and rewards program they’ve enrolled in since the day they signed up.

It’s not too late. Enter the digital age. With digital and mobile technology being what it is, more and more consumers are now expecting a loyalty and rewards program to make the switch from paper punch cards to a digital experience — including moviegoers who spent nearly $11 billion last year at their local movie theater 1.

Pocketstop has had the pleasure of working with a local movie theater to increase moviegoer engagement through a digital loyalty and rewards program. Recently, the movie theater used our solution’s campaign feature to create a custom promotion for several upcoming movies. The custom campaign assigned double points for ticket purchases — giving loyal customers a boost to their reward points. This is just one of the many ways a movie theater can utilize Pocketstop’s loyalty and rewards program to increase consumer engagement.

Our loyalty and rewards program gives a movie theater the ability to assign points based on dollars spent on tickets or when specific activities are achieved (like concession purchases), allocate rewards (Free popcorn? Yes please!) based on a set amount of points, easily configure point accumulation limits, manage all aspects of the program through one online portal and provide moviegoers mobile access to their points and rewards so their information is at their fingertips. Our digital solution gives a movie theater control over their loyalty and rewards program and the ability to keep customers engaged with digital communications reminding them of their points and reward statuses.

Yes, a loyalty and rewards program gives consumers benefits, but they should also be benefiting your business whether it’s a movie theater, restaurant, gas station… you name it. Is your current loyalty and rewards program driving more in-store traffic and repeat purchases? Are you regularly communicating with your loyalty and reward members? Remember, it costs much less to sell to an existing customer than to acquire a new one.

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