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Successful Communication: Mass Calling Systems vs. Notification Systems by RedFlag

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September 27, 2023 Posted by in Crisis Communications, Mass Notification, Internal Communications

Want to set your organization up for success? You need the best of both worlds when it comes to communication.

Mass Calling Systems have been around for decades, but today’s business landscape requires a more comprehensive, flexible, and responsive Mass Notification System. Whether in education, healthcare, finance, manufacturing, government, or any number of industries, effective communication requires multi-channel options such as:

  • Mass Calling Capabilities
  • Email-to-Voice Call Service
  • SMS Texts
  • Cross-channel Integration
  • App Notifications
  • Geofencing
  • Two-way Communication Options

At its simplest, a Mass Notification System allows you to communicate vital information to groups of any size in real time. This could mean relaying life-saving instructions in an emergency situation such as an active shooter, an inclement weather event, or a hazardous spill. It could mean keeping your team apprised of shift openings, business disruptions, cyber-attacks, and facility closings, among other things. You could even employ a Mass Notification System in the hospitality industry to communicate quickly and easily with tenants.

The benefits of a comprehensive Mass Notification System are as extensive as the businesses they support. But the strategic impact of a simple Mass Calling System should not be overlooked. One study surveying 12,000 consumers and 2,000 business found that voice calls remain the number-one choice for remote interactions.

So whether you need the tried-and-true results of an effective Mass Calling campaign or the adaptive capabilities of multi-channel options, a tool like RedFlag’s award-winning Mass Notification System is definitely worth exploring.

With that in mind, let’s start at the beginning and unpack some of the basics of a quality Mass Calling System, and how it can significantly benefit your business when integrated into a broader communication strategy.

Who uses Mass Calling Systems?

If you run a business, you could benefit from Mass Calling. Why? Because all businesses need fast, accurate, effective communication, both internally and externally. That’s why RedFlag designed its notification system to serve multiple industries, including:

Commercial Real Estate

Tenants of any property deserve privacy. But they also want a safe environment and good customer service. The best Mass Calling systems provide both, sending timely, personalized messages for anything from package alerts and community event announcements to emergency notifications.

Environmental, Health, & Safety

Some industries deal with volatile situations on a daily basis. That’s when you need Mass Calling that shares precise information in a timely fashion. This keeps people informed and safe, and builds trust.


Streamlined medical staff communication enhances hospital care and helps minimize costs. A Mass Calling System keeps employees informed of staffing updates, shift needs, and security threats. And better equipped employees leads to better patient care. One Cambridge study even lauds the use of automated phone calls to help patients take their medications in an appropriate and timely manner.


When keeping the public safe and informed is one of your primary objectives, an effective Mass Calling System is crucial. Using pre-recorded calls, email-to-voice call service, and other multi-channel options, the RedFlag Notification System empowers you to communicate with multiple groups simultaneously.


Send message reminders to workers on topics such as upcoming safety drills, training, and open enrollment, as well as emergency notifications. Plus, with RedFlag’s geofencing capabilities, you can target specific employees with unique messages based on their location.

NOTE: A Mass Notification System with the ability to segment between audiences allows you to send specific information to the right people. Systems like RedFlag are not only capable of this segmentation, they can also employ geofencing to segment according to an employee’s location in real time.

What is a Mass Calling System?

You probably associate mass calling or pre-recorded calls with political campaigns and telemarketing. But mass calling has become an everyday tool used by multiple businesses and organizations. Churches, schools, senior living facilities, and even non-profits are just a few of those who benefit from mass calling.

Mass Calling allows you to send pre-recorded messages to multiple, targeted groups in an instant. Options for delivery typically include ringless voicemail drops, where your message goes straight to voicemail. This is a great feature when you’re cold-calling potential clients or customers and want to communicate your product without risking a negative interaction.

Additionally, the best mass calling systems allow you to make personal recordings so you can connect with employees and customers in a way that automated messages simply cannot. And while outdated phone trees risk clogging up your lines, a cutting-edge notification system adjusts outbound calls for faster delivery speed and less congestion.

Can businesses mass call customers or employees?

Legally, you are free to communicate with both parties, though it’s wise to strategize when and how often you communicate. Customers or potential customers may respond positively to a voice message, but they’ll react negatively to a barrage of messages. In the same way, employees will soon turn a deaf ear to your messages if they’re nonstop and fail to communicate relevant information. You want your messages to matter. So whether you’re connecting with employees or customers, ask yourself, “Is this message relevant, appropriate, and engaging?”

The best of both worlds

There’s no doubt that Mass Calling Systems remain a powerful means of effective communication for businesses and organizations. They deliver concise, relevant information in a timely manner that people are likely to hear. But in the modern workplace, pre-recorded phone calls simply can’t keep up with the communication pipeline by themselves. That’s why you need the best of both worlds — a proven Mass Calling System paired with a multi-channel Mass Notification System that empowers you to reach your employees, residents, and customers when seconds count.

Ready to set your organization up for success? Explore how RedFlag can help meet your communication needs.

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