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Leverage Your Shopping Center’s Free WiFi Service to Engage Consumers & Increase Sales with M360

Leverage Your Shopping Center’s Free WiFi Service to Engage Consumers & Increase Sales with M360

August 11, 2015 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360, Pockestop News

Pocketstop’s Proximity Based Text Marketing Service Uses WiFi to Drive Success

Today’s technology has made the timing of marketing messages critical to their success. Pocketstop’s text marketing service gives timing top priority — delivering marketing messages directly to consumers based on their location. In other words, M360 marries together text marketing messages and consumers who have cash in hand and are ready to spend. Being able to engage consumers while they are shopping is a huge plus for both parties. Consumers get notified of sales or promotions they might not otherwise have been exposed to and marketers enjoy higher ad impressions, sales and ROI.

The digital influence of all kinds of “mobile” in the retail market serves as a disruptive force for traditional marketing. Research shows that consumers actively use their mobile devices while shopping at brick-and-mortar retail stores — and not just to text a friend or call home — but to download coupons, compare prices, find store locations and more. Not tapping into the power of mobile in the retail market will likely prove detrimental to a business’s success. Leveraging WiFi is one way a shopping center or retail store can tap into this lucrative marketing channel.

Here’s how it works.

Before a consumer opens their web browser on the mobile device — they are going to hop on WiFi to save their data plan. That’s where M360 arrives! Pocketstop’s proximity based text marketing service harnesses the power of mobile communications by leveraging a retail store’s free WiFi service.

When a customer attempts to connect to a shopping center or retail store’s free WiFi service they will be prompted to text in an access code. When the code is typed in, M360 captures a consumer’s permission to receive WiFi triggered text marketing messages as well as the consumer’s cell phone number for future text marketing messages and statistics (i.e. how often did that consumer return to the store, how long did they stay on the premises, etc.).

During the consumers visit and when the consumer returns to the shopping center or retail store, their WiFi enabled mobile device automatically reconnects to the free WiFi service and is available to receive text marketing messages. Boom!

-Deliver a mobile coupon.
-Advertise an upcoming promotion.
-Drive traffic to a specific store.
-Promote events or holiday celebrations.

The possibilities are now endless.

Consumers are incredibly receptive to proximity based text marketing messages because they are relevant, convenient and timely. M360 not only increases a consumer’s likelihood to act now — generating increased traffic and sales — but it gives a shopping center or retail store key insights into consumer behavior and collects consumer cell phone numbers for future communications.

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