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How JLL Made Safety and Security a Top Priority with RedFlag Notification System

How JLL Made Safety and Security a Top Priority with RedFlag Notification System

August 15, 2022 Posted by in Mass Notification


As recent shootings and threats to public safety continue to be in the news, the need to actively address safety and awareness in public places has taken center stage. Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL)’s facility management services for their wide range of properties – multi-tenant buildings like retail centers, shopping malls, and others – hinges on the ability to communicate effectively to multiple tenants who operate on a wide variety of systems. And no two properties are alike; for example, retail tenants come from a wide range of industries with a host of different communication & information technology systems. A successful communication solution needed to work across their diverse real estate portfolio, compliment existing programs, and unify technology solutions.

More specifically, JLL’s facility managers needed to be able to:

  • Alert tenants of a developing situation or communicate general information using multiple communication channels — whether it be a minor flood from an upstairs bathroom or a situation threatening the public’s safety
  • Group tenants by segments such as by location or store type so tenants can be notified of events or critical situations that affect them – reducing irrelevant messages, panic or alarm
  • Access the system from anywhere using a web-based interface, giving flexibility to property managers that cannot always be onsite
  • Allow tenants to update their own contact information via a self-registration portal


JLL chose the Pocketstop RedFlag Notification System as part of their tenant crisis preparedness program and communication plan. “Proactive programs like this demonstrate the industry’s dedication to providing consumers with a safe and comfortable environment in which to shop,” said Malachy Kavanagh, Senior Vice President of Communications for ICSC. RedFlag is a complete multi-channel notification solution for multi-tenant properties, and allows property managers to easily send the right message to the right people at the right time.

JLL initially selected 15 properties to implement RedFlag. The feedback from the onsite property managers has been overwhelmingly positive. Gail Sheppard at Myrtle Beach Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC feels it’s simple and easy to use. “It’s great! It’s just a wonderful product and we love using it.” Likewise, Secille Siverio at Regency Square in Richmond, VA saves time and effort with the ability to store draft messages and access templates provided by corporate. “When we need the messages in a crunch, they’re right there – it’s not me in a panic trying to figure out what to write. All of us that have access to RedFlag can log in and send a message quickly.” 


With the implementation success in the initial subset of properties, JLL decided to rollout RedFlag across its entire retail real estate portfolio. The very public accessibility inherent at malls and shopping centers requires a proactive approach to addressing safety. “Each and every incident has been a wake-up call. We needed to rethink how we communicate from a security standpoint. The safety of our shoppers, employees and tenants is a top priority for us, and by utilizing RedFlag, we are better able to facilitate quick and timely communication during an emergency.” said Karen Raquet, Director of National Property Services for JLL. RedFlag met JLL’s requirements of a simple, effective and convenient communication solution and is proactively helping to increase the standards of tenant notification at retail centers and shopping malls to keep tenants and their customers safe and informed.

With RedFlag, JLL was able to achieve:

  • 100% of tenant data gathered for each property
  • 100% participation by JLL’s full-service properties
  • Setup completed ahead of schedule
  • Implement and send messages within 24 hours – notify new Hawaii property’s tenants of impending hurricane
  • 250,000 messages received in multiple user-requested formats since the program’s launch

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