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cyber security incident response planning redflag mass notification

Increased Threats of Cyber Attacks Can be a Cause for Alarm – Here’s How to Prepare

cyber security incident response planning redflag mass notification

February 25, 2022 Posted by in Crisis Communications, Business Continuity

The recent, troubling international news means uncertainty is becoming more certain. With this in mind, how sure are you about your company’s cybersecurity and the effectiveness of your crisis communication plan?

This concern has been realized and taken seriously by the highest levels of government; now, the concern is considered high alert. A public notice has recently been issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) which prompts all organizations to review the current joint advisory on Understanding and Mitigating Russian State-Sponsored Cyber Threats to U.S. Critical Infrastructure. The goal: to address past cyber attacks attempts, warn of impending cyber threats, and help companies reduce their risk.  The advisory has been issued by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, National Security Agency and Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). 

In summary, here are four practical steps to implement now: 

Communicating during a crisis situation like a cyber attack

In an emergency, whether you run a small business or a large enterprise corporation, you need to be on top of what’s going on. In the event of a cyber attack on your IT systems, you’ll need a way to immediately communicate to your employees, stakeholders and vendors with a multi-channel; emergency mass notification system that exists outside of your current infrastructure, like RedFlag. It will deliver real-time alerts and critical information to those that need it most, help coordinate resources, and help keep people informed on the status and safety of your team. 

If a security breach happens, you’ll be able to protect your people by giving them updated, authentic information and direction. Immediate, effective communication can help limit interruptions, reduce further trouble, and help keep your business online. At this most critical time, your current internal systems may be the very thing impacted and rendered useless. Leveraging a communication solution that resides outside your environment could be key to your ability to communicate, coordinate and ultimately restore your business back to normal.

Benefits of a RedFlag emergency alert system in the event of a cyber attack: 

  • Quickly inform your team and give them real-time updates  via text, voice calls, email, and Microsoft Teams 
  • Quickly identify who needs help
  • Instruct all effective parties of steps they can take to minimize the impact.
  • Coordinate your resources to effectively fight the attack 
  • Utilize the strength through two-way communication – know where your people are and hear from them in real time. Use two-way chat, polling, and acknowledgement to get a clearer bird’s eye view of what’s happening
  • Gather analytics and information that can help you prepare for and possibly prevent future cyber attacks 

In addition, RedFlag’s emergency alert system can also be used to communicate during:

  • Severe weather 
  • General malfunctions 
  • Network failures 
  • Facility closures 
  • Active shooter 
  • Labor strikes

Take one look at the current news headlines and you’ll know that your company’s emergency alert system should be top notch and up and running right away. 

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