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How Shopping Malls Can Attract Customers In A Post-Covid World

Pexels Anna Shvets Scaled

June 29, 2021 Posted by in Text Message Marketing - M360

Now that life is getting back to somewhat normal, it’s more urgent than ever to attract shoppers (both old and new) and measure their behavior as they journey through your center. With new technology, you can now get a clear handle on what’s bringing customers to you, and what’s keeping them returning.

By investing in an end-to-end shopping mall marketing solution that is designed specifically for shopping centers, you’ll be able to better attract customers in a new reality where online activity and brick-and-mortar experience are intertwined.

Specific benefits include:

  • Streamlined multi-channel marketing execution
  • Delivering personalized messages to shoppers
  • Recognizing and taking advantage of the most influential moments
  • Receiving user-friendly reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs)

What you gain:

  • Knowledge of more complete shopper profiles
  • Easily managing off-property and proximity-based text and email messaging
  • Creating useful automated messaging workflows
  • Viewing results in real time

These benefits will help you refine your marketing strategy and hone your messaging, in order to increase customer traffic and increase sales. It’s critical that you can monitor customer activity across all channels, anytime, from any device.

Here’s How You Can Use Shopping Mall Marketing Software To Get It Done


Use your data you’ve collected to gain insights, and store them in one easy-to-use-and-access database. Make sure your shopping mall marketing software features built-in safeguards to ensure that your resulting marketing efforts meet legal requirements and compliance.


Slice your database into groups that will help you better understand how to attract customers. For instance, drill down to:

  • Demographics
  • Customer preferences
  • Behavioral data (for instance, the number of times an individual customer visits your center)
  • Interactions with previous marketing: have your customers responded to particular marketing, sales or giveaways recently? They may respond again.


Now you can interact with your customers by sending targeted messages to them through texts and emails. Try basing your messages on the customer behavior being tracked, like store or merchandise preferences, or time of day of the visit. The best thing about this strategy is that customers can receive your messages even when they are not at your center — or they can get a welcome message from you as they arrive. Create the push notifications in advance to support your marketing strategy; create more customized, personalized messages (using an email or template, for instance). And keep sending them — reinforce brand consistency.


All of this effort won’t mean anything unless you know what the results mean. Track the engagement and interactions you create with your customers across all the channels you use. The data is available in real time to measure your results, good or bad. Study your reports for the strength and effectiveness in:

  • Sales
  • Traffic
  • Visit frequency
  • Customer engagement

Problems solved:

  • New customers and shoppers gained
  • Average sale prices improved
  • Customer visit frequency increased

Bottom line:

More than ever, you need to measure the success of your marketing and customer engagement and interaction. Rely on tech tools that easily collect and measure this type of data, with real-time monitoring and results. You can evolve your future marketing programs as you learn what the data is showing you.

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