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Emergency Notification Systems Head Back to Campus for Crisis Communications

Emergency Notification Systems Head Back to Campus for Crisis Communications

July 30, 2014 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

As students head back to class, colleges use emergency notification systems like RedFlag to keep students informed

Emergency notification systems can benefit a variety of organizations. They not only help send out crisis communications during an emergency, these systems also help minimize potential damage by keeping stakeholders informed and can help broadcast less-urgent and more routine information. Colleges and universities have a unique communication challenge since students, faculty and staff members are spread out across various locations on campus. During an emergency, where should crisis communications be sent? To dorm room phones? Student cell phones? Professors’ email inboxes? Yes! Multi-channel crisis communications during a calamity will increase the likelihood that critical information is received. Emergency notification systems, like RedFlag, can meet any college or university’s crisis communications challenge by providing a cloud-based, multi-channel crisis communications solution. Read on to learn more how an emergency notification system can benefit a college or university.

  • With emergency notification systems, like RedFlag, crisis communications become incredibly convenient, as critical information can be easily distributed to students, faculty and staff no matter where they are located on campus. Whether it is with a text message or post on a social media website like Facebook or Twitter — or both — RedFlag makes reaching people easy.
  • RedFlag not only helps with crisis communications as part of a campus’ emergency action plan. Emergency notification systems can also be used as mass notification systems. Routine information such as exam schedules, registration deadlines or campus events can be sent to students, faculty and staff members with just a few clicks.
  • Having emergency notification systems in place also helps to reduce the burden on a campus’ administrative staff. As information is sent to multiple stakeholders in one go, the number of inbound calls will decrease. Moreover, the messages used frequently can be stored for future use.
  • Social media’s history begins on a college campus and, today, college students are one of the biggest users of social media. Emergency notification systems automatically post to social media sites to keep an even greater audience of people informed about emergencies, urgent situations and general information.
  • Targeted communications are also a feature of emergency notification systems like RedFlag. The RedFlag notification system has the provisions for creating targeted groups of audiences. For example, at a college there could be one group for students, another for the faculty and staff and yet another one for the parent who wish to receive information regarding their student. Group creation makes targeted communication simple and easy.
  • Emergency notification systems offers another advantage when they are implemented on college and university campuses. Since RedFlag operates on a cloud-based platform, there is never an issue related to bandwidth or usage. Any number of messages can be sent out to multiple stakeholders from any internet connected device.

RedFlag and other emergency notification systems help college and university authorities to reach out to a widespread audience effectively and efficiently. Emergency notification systems ensure that critical crisis communications and general information is promptly received by students, faculty and staff members as well as the campus’ social media audience. For more information about emergency notification systems and the RedFlag notification system for all your crisis communications solutions, visit us at or give us a call at 877-840-2444.


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