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Businesswoman Giving Explication In Front Of A Growing Chart On A Whiteboard During A Meeting

Different Ways RedFlag Can Be Used For Internal Communications

Businesswoman Giving Explication In Front Of A Growing Chart On A Whiteboard During A Meeting

June 11, 2018 Posted by in Other

Redflag hosts a range of exclusive features that can be used to enhance the performance, range, and accessibility of internal communications for businesses.

Businesses communicate across different platforms and often in very different ways. Where one internal communications platform will work perfectly for a certain type of business, other businesses may require a different range of services and features.

However, Redflag offers several features that can benefit all businesses as they upgrade their internal communications for their staff, management, and stakeholders.

Platform User Management

Our Redflag interface is incredibly easy to navigate and will respond to any device be it an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet. We understand that staff often access the internet through smaller screens these days and therefore all of our software and displays adapt for ease of use across all devices.

Responsive technology is innovative in the way that as time goes by, and more devices of different sizes appear on the market, our software will automatically resize to fit any computer that is used to access Redflag. Out platform simplifies data collection whilst making ongoing message distribution incredibly easy for users.

This means that staff can access Redflag from any device wherever they are, They can receive and respond to emergency notifications from the comfort of their home on their mobile phones if needs be.

Flexible Audience Management

Audience management is important for businesses that have many different messages for their different levels of staff. Choose who your message is delivered to, how it gets delivered, and at what time using our amazing platform.
Enable your current employees to register with Redflag and decide how they want to be contacted, when, and where! The beauty of Redflag is that it gives all businesses, stakeholders, and employees control over how they communicate with one another.

Decide whether or not to manually enter email addresses and contact details or import them from existing databases. The choice is yours!

The type of information that you can share with staff and stakeholders using Reflag is entirely up to you. However, some of our current subscribers use Redflag in the following ways as part of their internal communications plan.

Instant Messaging and Notifications

Are you experiencing or expecting an emergency situation to occur that could impact any part of your business infrastructure?

Use Redflag to inform all parties necessary, immediately, and professionally. This information can be disseminated across several communication formats including voice, text, SMS, email, and social media.

Important Announcements

What’s going on with your business this week? What new business has been brought in by your sales team? What big projects will you be completing this month? How many new staff are you taking on this quarter? When will staff bonuses be paid in this month? Do you have a bank holiday weekend coming up? Are your opening hours changing this week?

All of this information can be pre-programmed and scheduled into Redflag’s messaging system. Simply enter the information, choose how to send it, and choose who it’s being sent to and when.

The beauty of autonomous technology means that you only have to enter these messages once, they can then be saved, edited, sent, scheduled and deleted in accordance.

Closing and Modified Hours/Meeting Times

Let all staff know about any changes to opening hours or staff meetings at the click of a button!
Any emergency meeting notifications can be set up and delivered straight to your staff’s emails, telephones, or calendars using Redflag’s software. Staff have no excuse to say they haven’t received a memo as Redflag’s software can monitor open rates and let you know exactly who has opened a message or email and who has not.

Departmental Alerts and Info

Break down your staff into lists via each department using Redflag’s audience segmentation tool. Once this is listed, you can deliver departmental alerts and reminders to each individual department whenever relevant.

Ongoing Notifications

If there is an emergency situation Redflag can be used to schedule and deliver ongoing notifications to all key parties that need to be kept up to date. Has the office closed due to a storm? You can keep all staff posted with updates as the relevant teams work to get electricity back on and water damage fixed. Redflag works with you and your team to deliver bespoke internal communications results no matter what type or size of business you are working in.


Redflag is currently being used by businesses to help with all sorts of staffing problems and solutions.

Use Redflag to fill up open shifts, even down to last minute sickness and employee cancellations. Redflag can send out availability requests to all staff and allow gaps in the rotar to be filled by individual staff without taking up the time of management.

Use Redflag to identify available candidacies within the business, promote these cadidiacies internally, and share them externally to encourage interest and fill gaps in employment.

Use Redflag to send reminders for shift vacancies, and when extra staff may be required on standby for holidays or particularly busy calendar periods. Update staff when new vacancies have been filled or when last minute rotar changes has been amended and filled.

Business Continuity Plan Integration

With the myriad of features offered by Redflag, incorporating these into your business continuity plan can make operations smoother, quicker, and more cost effective.

In the face on an emergency your IT response team and staff need to have the tools available to work under pressure and think on their feet.

With Redflag’s features incorporated into your business continuity plan, staff have access to a quick and easy to use interface with which they can orchestrate measures that will keep all parties informed as systems resume to normality.

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