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What Turns The Transmission of Information Into The Art of Communication?

What Turns The Transmission of Information Into The Art of Communication?

February 14, 2017 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

Using a mass notification system effectively is the key to setting your organization apart from the competition.

We are fortunate that today’s mass notification system technology makes the transmission of information easier than ever before. But what turns the transmission of information into the art of communication? As an employer, manager or property owner leveraging digital, communication technology can help your organization gain a competitive advantage.

How so?

Effective, clear and continuous communication is at the foundation of any relationship. Whether we’re talking about two friends, a husband and wife, an employee and customer or a manager and tenant, communication is a key driver in relationship building, leadership, problem solving, customer satisfaction… and the list could really go on and on. If you’re not communicating effectively to your audience, you’re just not communicating. How do you take a digital message and make it personal? How do you turn a text into an art form?

Today, a mass notification system can help deliver effective, clear and continuous communication to your target audience (i.e. employees, tenants, customers, etc.). Communication traditionally includes these four components:

  • Having something of value to say
  • Sending information in a timely fashion
  • Verifying that messages are being delivered
  • And lastly, listening to your audience for feedback

Let me take these four components and show you how a mass notification system can help you turn sending a notification into the art of communication:

  1. Having something of value to say.
    Because digital devices have become ubiquitous, it makes perfect sense to deliver information via a digital channel. But which one? How do I reach my entire audience in a way that isn’t time-consuming or redundant? And in a way they like?  A mass notification system can deliver your valuable information to your entire audience—transcending “company lists” and “global address books”—to multiple channels in the time it takes you to write an email. By using a mass notification system to deliver valuable information you’ll begin to create a strong relationship with your audience.
  1. Sending information in a timely fashion.
    I hit on this above a bit already. A mass notification system is your one-stop-shopping for multi-channel notification. Select from a variety of channels (or better yet, have your audience select their own preferred channel) including text messages, voice calls, email, social media updates and desktop notification to name a few. Click. Did you hear that? With a simple click, your valuable information is sent in an instant. Not at your desk to log on? Mass notification system can be accessed (most likely anyway, ours can be!) from any internet enabled device that has a web browser (or from an app). Waiting at the airport? Jump on that free WiFi and send your message. Waiting for your check at lunch? Hop on your data plan and send out an update. You can “speak” whenever you feel like it because internet access is almost as ubiquitous as devices themselves. A mass notification system is still your voice, it’s just a different using a different canvas.
  1. Verifying that messages are being delivered.
    The art of communication isn’t just about crafting the words in your messages but finding out if your message went through. I’m not just talking about reports—yes you must verify when using a mass notification system or other digital means to communicate that your messages are being sent successfully. But also, is your message getting through? Is your audience hearing what you are saying? Are they responding? And that leads us to the last component…
  1. Listening to your audience for feedback.
    The secret to the art of communication is really in this last step. To complete the communication loop, if you will, is to stop talking, stop transmitting, stop notifying and listen. Is your audience more aware? Are they more satisfied? Do they know they can depend on getting a weekly text reminder or a daily summary of… insert your topic of choice here.

Digital communication is here to stay and mass notification system use is on the rise for a reason. The traditional components of communication are not lost on digital systems, but some systems may be a loss to communication.

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