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5 Ways to Segment Your Audience for Effective Text Message Marketing Campaigns

5 Ways to Segment Your Audience for Effective Text Message Marketing Campaigns

January 18, 2019 Posted by in Other

Digital marketing is traversing one of its most glorious periods, with a wide range of implementation strategies and solutions upon which to make the most of what the industry has to offer. Companies from all over the world and from diverse sectors and industries are using digital marketing methods such as text message marketing or proximity marketing to raise brand awareness, promote sales, or improve the relationship with customers.

Text message marketing is one of the most popular digital marketing strategies, as it presents companies and customers with a simple, intimate, and straightforward mean of communication. Yet regardless of its popularity and the multitude of ways it has proven to be a successful strategy, some companies are still struggling with making the most of text message marketing. The main reason behind text message marketing strategies failing is not knowing how to define your audience and how to properly communicate the right message to the right audience.

The Importance of Knowing Your Audience

According to the GSM Association, the era of mobile marketing is far from over, as people are becoming more and more interested in newer and more complex means of communications, such as rich communication services. And since text message marketing is here to stay, all companies need to know how to implement it in order to achieve successful outcomes. Although most people think this is a matter of the tools you are using for it, the truth is that it has more to do with knowing your audience than it does with the solutions or platforms you are using, although those play an important part also.

One of the main complains of people in regards to text message marketing is that they feel as if the companies are not talking to them, but to an abstract entity which in most cases doesn’t even have something in common with them. Receiving offers they are not interested in or messages that are pasted from a much-too-generic script makes customers reconsider their relationship with brands. Understanding that not all customers are interested in the same thing is the main step towards learning how to segment your audience and implement a more effective text message marketing campaign.

Today we are going to discuss about ways in which you can segment your audience and increase the ROI of your text message marketing, but also how such a segmentation influences the overall success of your business and strengthens the relationship you have with your customers.

5 Ways to Segment Your Audience for Effective Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Text message marketing is currently being used for a wide variety of campaigns, so it makes sense that audiences should also be segmented as to guarantee the successful outcome of your campaign. For example, if you are conducting a campaign for an event you are organizing in a local entertainment center, your audience will be different than the audience you need to address if you are promoting a sale or the launch of a new product. This is all the more poignant if you have products and services that address more than one audience.

Geographical Segmentation

If your text message marketing campaign is aiming at customers from a specific geographic location, then your audience database from that campaign needs to be upgraded as to reflect your goals. Using a general database and broadcasting your message to everyone on your list will decrease the ROI of your campaign, and make customers feel as if you don’t know them and are not aware of their particular needs. Geographical or geolocation audience segmentation will allow you to send messages about an offer, sale or event to the people living in the area of your store or the place where your event will be organized.

The best thing about this method of segmentation is that you can improve it with complementary solutions for targeting onsite customers such as WiFi proximity marketing.

Subcriteria Segmentation

If you have an in-depth database with all your customers and other people you want to broadcast your message to, and if that database contains personal information, you can subdivide it based on information such as product preferences or purchasing patterns. You can also use gender as a subcriteria if your business is selling products for all genders but it is currently having a promotion for gender-specific products such as clothes or cosmetics. Depending on the products and services you are selling, the subcriteria segmentation of the audience can be performed in multiple ways, as long as you are relying on a methodically-drafted database.

Multi-Generational Segmentation

The marketing industry is swarming with studies and statistics about how different generations react to digital marketing strategies, and how companies should address each generation based on their preferences. According to a paper published in the Journal of Behavioral Studies in Business, multi-generational marketing strategies help emphasize the unique traits of a generation and improves the connection said generation has with brands and businesses. By targeting a generation based on their personal preferences, you are showing customers you are aware of who they are, and that you are always doing your best to accommodate their preferences.

Segmentation Based on Purchase History

If you are meaning to promote services such as loyalty programs through a text message marketing campaign it might benefit you to segment your audience based on purchase history and frequency. That way, you will be targeting the people who might be interested in a loyalty program that is rewarding their commitment to your brand.

You can also use such a segmentation of your audience to send coupons or special offering to customers who are approaching a purchase date, as reflecting from their purchasing frequency and history. For example, if someone buys something every month, you can send them a text message with a coupon offer if they make a purchase in the near future.

Segmentation Based on Brand Engagement

If you are gathering and analyzing the feedback from all your marketing campaigns, it means you have a systematic database with the customers who are engaging with your brand more often, who are participating to your events, and who recommending your products or services. You can use such a segmentation to either send offers to those who are less engaged, or to broadcast messages about events and promotions where you might need the participation of people that always respond to your campaigns.

Following these 5 ways to segment your audience for effective text message marketing campaigns will also improve the database you are keeping, as you will always be able to add new and more thorough information to it. Make sure that you are always gathering data about how your campaigns are going, even unsuccessful ones. Segmenting your audience is a wonderful method for improving the outcomes of your text message marketing campaigns, especially since it’s cost-effective and easy to implement.

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