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5 Reasons You Should Use Proximity Marketing for Events

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December 18, 2018 Posted by in Other

Companies and marketers are adopting technology at an amazingly fast rate, which means stronger bonds with their customers, an increase on their ROI, and fortifying their brands and reputation in ways that no one would have envisioned years ago, when traditional marketing methods were all about making the sale, no matter what. In today’s technology-driven times, proximity marketing has proven to be one of the most effective and simple methods of digital marketing, especially in industries such as retail, hospitality, or entertainment.

But if businesses such as retail stores, shopping malls, cinemas, and other small to medium revenues have successfully implemented proximity marketing and are now enjoying its benefits, in the case of event-organizing businesses, especially events of a larger scale, proximity marketing has not been so popular, not because it wouldn’t be a much-needed breath of fresh air, but because most companies are not sure how to implement it in order to benefit their activities.

Proximity Marketing for Events

In 2018, revenue in event tickets in the US amounts to $63.75 billion, with a projected growth of 9,9% leading to 2023. Adapting to the pace and needs of your customers and making sure that your business not only stays afloat, but enjoys a wider success in your industry means understanding how marketing works, and how new methods and technologies have changed the industry for the better. Let’s find out more how using proximity marketing can help you with the organization of your events and what your customers will have to gain from the implementation of a much easier mean of interaction.

Proximity Marketing Helps You Automate Registration

Events are often associated with large queues, either for registration or for ticket validation, but what if you could streamline that process in order to provide your guests with a more friendly and intimate experience, but also help you reduce the cost with staff? Using proximity marketing for registration and ticket validation is an excellent way of making the most of what technology has to offer for your event, and it will not only help you reduce financial costs, but also it will make your guests happy and wanting to return for your future events.

Provide Every Guest with a Unique and Personalized Experience

The best thing about proximity marketing is that it can help you target your marketing strategies in ways that no traditional marketing method ever could. You can have prize drawings, booths, offers for future events, all timed and sent with the help of demographics and proximity marketing, so that you know that you are reaching the right person, at the right moment. Using Wi-Fi-based proximity marketing will allow you to offer personalized messages, offers, and information to your visitors and guests, with no additional cost, but also it will provide the people at your event with a Wi-Fi hotspot which they can use to share their experience with friends.

Proximity Marketing Helps You Monitor Live Data from Your Event

With larger events such as conferences, concerts, music festivals, holiday fairs, and other festivities, measuring foot traffic and other real-time data from the event can be a tricky task, especially if you are not doing it with the help of modern technology. Instead of having employees in various corners of your event venue, struggling to monitor data about how your guests and visitors are enjoying your event, you can use proximity marketing to gather such data by having people interact with your brand through messages. You can offer them attractive discounts for your future events so that they will send you their feedback, but also provide your visitors with information about nearest exists, food and beverage zones, and other facilities you might have at your event, with the help of location-based marketing strategies.

If your event is an IT conference or a gaming conference, you can use proximity marketing to interact with your guests and offer them games, trivia, or contests related to the subjects of the conference.

You Can Use Proximity Marketing To Direct Traffic

We previously talked about directing your guests and visitors towards areas of interest with the help of proximity marketing, but with proximity marketing you can go beyond signaling an exit or the positioning of a booth. You can use proximity marketing to provide your visitors with interactive maps of the venues, and also integrate digital data points indoors, with which people can interact and find out more about the event, such as information about artists, participants, or anything else related to your event and your industry.

If the location of your event is a special one, you can also use proximity marketing to provide people with information about the location, such as news, history, or other events held there, which are related to your event, or to the interests of your visitors.

Proximity Marketing Helps You Stand Out

Events are widely popular, everyone is organizing an event, from retail stores to industrial companies, and anyone in between, which is why you need to make sure that your events stand out in the eyes of your visitors, and that they will choose your events in the future. Proximity marketing helps you gain the competitive edge you are looking for, as personalization matters, especially at large events where it is difficult to offer such an experience, but those who can will get noticed. Making your events special will get people to share their experience, therefore increasing your brand’s reputation, and helping you stand out from the sea of companies that engaging in similar activities.

Using proximity marketing for your event is less about driving sales, although it will significantly help with that, and more about offering people an experience they will want to talk about, an event they will love to be a part of, then and there, when things are happening. Instead of sending your attendees a formal email once the event is over, use proximity marketing and engage with them when it counts.

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