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Doctor And Nurse Looking At A Child In Hospital Ward

5 Qualities of a Great Hospital

Doctor And Nurse Looking At A Child In Hospital Ward

May 16, 2019 Posted by in Other

The demand for top-notch healthcare facilities has been on the rise. As the generation of baby boomers continues to age, they are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases. In addition, unhealthy lifestyle choices and eating habits are further increasing the number of patients suffering from chronic ailments.

Patients have also become extremely cautious of fraudulent healthcare schemes. Thus, it has become crucial to build great hospitals that offer high-quality healthcare services at affordable prices.

Here are five qualities that a great hospital must have:

1. Patient-Centric Approach

The best hospitals always prioritize the patient’s comfort and convenience at each stage of their journey. A good hospital should focus on making the patient’s experience as seamless as possible, right from appointment booking to discharge. It is crucial to provide patients with all the necessary information that will help them make their decision faster.

For instance, most top hospitals have a website that gives comprehensive information about their doctors, facilities, etc. In addition, their staff is trained to treat patients with the utmost care, be it at the admission counter or the path lab. The key is to empower patients with all possible facilities so that they can have faith in the hospital and its professionals. Thus, the most significant step towards creating a great hospital is to embrace a patient-centric approach.

2. Focused Leadership

The fate of any organization is largely dependent on the capabilities of its leaders. Healthcare facilities are not an exception to this rule. Thus, it is crucial to recruit dedicated and highly qualified personnel in the topmost positions. They should be able to take charge and steer the hospital in the right direction.

Senior leadership is also likely to demand accountability. This motivates doctors and other hospital staff to provide the best care for their patients. Thus, the presence of a visionary leader makes the hospital management and all other departments more productive and efficient. This helps the hospital achieve all its quality improvement goals.

In addition to this, it is also crucial to hire the best doctors in every department. Doctors are the face of any healthcare organization. Recruiting highly qualified and experienced doctors ensures that patients receive the best care and treatment. In addition to being good at their job, they should be empathetic towards their patients.

A great hospital should also take pride in its doctors. It should showcase the doctors’ credentials and background on the website as well as the hospital campus. This makes it easier for patients to learn about their doctors and makes them feel more confident about their treatment.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

One of the most significant factors that distinguish a top-notch hospital from an average one is its ability to integrate the latest technology. Technology has revolutionized several aspects of healthcare, making it more affordable, risk-free, and fast. For instance, the use of robotics has simplified many complicated and time-consuming surgeries. In addition, the use of state-of-the-art testing equipment ensures that the results are accurate and error-free.

A good hospital doesn’t restrict the use of technology to medical facilities only. They utilize top-notch technology in every department, from data management to patient safety. For instance, they often use an employee alert app such as Redflagin the event of any unforeseen emergencies. The mass notification systems also help in improving your communication efficiency.



Thus, if you want to build one of the greatest hospitals, it is crucial to make it technologically adept. High-quality equipment coupled with the latest technology will ensure the best treatment for your patients. You should also be open towards accepting newer technology, as and when it is developed. In today’s age of rapid technological advancement, this is the only way to give your hospital an edge over others.

4. Transparent Pricing

In recent times, patients have become increasingly aware of their rights. As patients start shouldering more of their healthcare costs, they are likely to look for more affordable options. Thus, it is crucial for hospitals to create a transparent pricing structure that is readily available to the patients. It instills faith in patients and makes them confident about selecting your hospital for their treatment.

However, this doesn’t mean you should compromise on the quality of healthcare in order to make it more affordable. On the contrary, it implies that you should empower your patients by giving them access to your pricing structure. It helps them understand why they are being charged a particular amount of money. When a patient knows what they are paying for, they are less likely to be skeptical.

5. Coordinated Care

The seamless functioning of a great hospital depends on the coordination and internal communication between various departments. It ensures that patients have a stress-free experience at every stage, right from the admission to post-operative rehabilitation. Thus, it is crucial for hospitals to develop standardized care paths for the most common health conditions.

In addition, healthcare facilities should also utilize technology to maintain constant communication between different departments. A centralized database of patients with all their reports, lab results, and case history helps various departments plan the next course of action. This, in turn, minimizes the likelihood of any misunderstanding and miscommunication between departments that could lead to potentially life-threatening errors.


Great hospitals always put their patients first. Their policies, facilities, and pricing structure are developed to provide a hassle-free experience to all patients. In addition, they focus on empowering their patients by giving them access to all the necessary information. They are often led by a visionary senior-level executive who inspires the doctors and staff to deliver their best.

In addition, a top-notch hospital should be open to adapting to rapid technological advancement. It should integrate modern technology in every aspect of healthcare, from patient data management to surgical procedures. State-of-the-art equipment, world-class facilities, and experienced doctors and staff are the pillars on which every great hospital is built.

What are some of the other qualities that a great hospital must have? Share your views in the comments section below.

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