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5 Internal Communication Message Templates

Double Exposure Of Business Man Hand Working On Blank Screen Laptop Computer On Wooden Desk As Concept

October 12, 2018 Posted by in Internal Communications

We are living in technology-driven times, in which communications carry a significant weight, no matter what their nature is. When it comes to internal communications, best practices suggest to always trust a well-executed and thoroughly-implemented plan. Such plans provide organizations in industries as diverse as commercial real estate to financial services with the ability to have a road map to internal communications, always have solutions at hand for any situation that might arise, and maintain a steady and consistent communication with its employees.

What should be in an internal communications plan?

Over 30% of American corporate internal communicators admitted that they do not conduct their communications based on a formal plan or strategy. An internal communications plan should provide a situational overview, and state the most poignant reason for your desired organizational outcome. Also, it should always factor in the following: a current mapping of the business, goals (especially communication goals), target audience based on the structure of your organization, a core message, strategies, policies, procedures, channels, calendar, a measure of progress, follow-up methods, and internal communication message templates.

Why use internal communications message templates?

Templates help internal communicators better manage their time and structure the internal communications based on the precise needs of the organization. Having templates in place for a variety of situations will improve the overall communications and make it easier for the people in charge to analyze and understand the logistics of their organization’s internal communications strategy. Further, we are going to provide you with 5 internal communications message templates which you can tailor suit to the needs of your company and employees.

Leadership Update Message Template

Implementing a leadership update message template in your company’s internal communications strategy will provide people from management and leadership structures with a clean and always at hand way of getting in touch with their employees. Here is a template you can use in case of announcements about future business endeavors or good news regarding the application of a bonus and rewards system:

The road ahead for [organization name] has gotten a lot more exciting!

Starting next year, we will take on [number of new clients] new major clients.

Check email for more info.

A new bonus and rewards system will be in place starting [date]!

Keep up the good work! [CEO name]

Company Event Message Template

Corporate events are a great way to keep employees happy and invested in the team. The more people get to interact with each other on casual grounds, such as an office party or an outdoors event, the stronger their bond as a team will become. Having regular events means you also need internal communication regarding those events, which is why a company event message template needs to be in the internal communications plan.

Relax with colleagues and loved ones at the office Christmas party on [date and time]!

Come bearing your Secret Santa gift, we’ve got yours!

Check email for address and more info.

Looking forward! [CEO name]

If your company has a calendar of already scheduled or soon-to-be scheduled events, parties, meetings, social gatherings, or outdoor activities, you can tailor this template by simply adding the name of the event in the first line instead of ‘Christmas party’, and replace the second line with event-specific details. This way, you will be covered for all situations.

Internal Alert Message Template

An internal message alert template is mandatory for all companies, and should be tailored in order to fit a wide range of broadcasting channels. Let’s say you need to issue a text message alert letting your employees know that your networks are down. You can’t do that by wasting time to edit the email template you had saved somewhere in your internal communications plan, so it is best to have a simple and clear template at hand, such as:

Attention everyone!

We are experiencing an issue with our network. [time]

All systems down until further notice.

Please see your team leader for any questions.

More information to follow.

Employee Congratulations Message Template

Communication is the base of all teams, which is why your employees love to hear from you not only when you have important messages to broadcast, or when you need updates about a project. Employee congratulations messages are the perfect way of staying in touch with everyone in your organization and of making sure they feel valued for their work.

Great work on [project name]! Your input was excellent!

In the coming weeks, a couple of new projects will be implemented.

We would love to have you involved!

More details to follow.

Thank you, keep up the good work!

Feedback Request Message Template

Gathering and analyzing employee feedbacks is one of the most valuable tools a company can rely on. Having a feedback request message template in the internal communications strategy makes it easier for feedback to be collected either after an important project has been finalized, a change has been implemented, or in the case of general requests, such as end-of-year feedback.

[Organization name] is conducting an anonymous survey regarding work environment.

Let us know what you think by replying to this message or emailing to [name] with suggestions, opinions, or concerns.

Thank you for your dedication!

Internal communications within the corporate environment serve as channels linking all the employees and teams together for a proper functioning of the organization as a whole. Understating the need for an internal communication plan is mandatory and a lot of businesses have adhered to it, yet sometimes writing the perfect internal communication message can turn out to be a difficult task, whether it is due to lack of time, inconsistencies in internal communications strategies, channel-specific tailoring, or needing to deal with a difficult time in your organization. Keeping things clear and simple with these 5 internal communication message templates and other related templates in your internal communications plan will make it easier for your business to function at ideal levels by optimizing the timing and target of your messages, and streamlining operational communications.

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