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Happy Group Of Women Christmas Shopping At The Mall

5 Great Holiday Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Happy Group Of Women Christmas Shopping At The Mall

December 3, 2018 Posted by in Other

The holiday season is a beautiful yet demanding and nerve-wracking time for companies all over the world, regardless of size or industry. Struggling to keep customers happy while making the most of investments and aiming to fulfill all goals can be a tough battle, especially when marketing teams are not making full use of modern and efficient means of marketing. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a clear strategy in place for the holiday season, a strategy that utilizes the most successful marketing campaigns to your advantage.

With US holiday retail sales expected to reach $719.17 billion in 2018, the need for a simple, friendly, and highly effective marketing campaign is one that most companies have. Turning to text message marketing is a clever way to make the most of the holidays, as this mean of engaging with customers has provided to be a great tool for companies that don’t want to spend a lot of money, or need to run a campaign within a tight deadline. Traditional marketing strategies might require a lot of time and extensive financial efforts, whereas implementing a text message marketing campaign based on demographics gathered from your customers is cost-effective and highly successful.

Holiday Text Message Marketing Campaigns

Leveraging technology to better the overall activity of your company is something that needs to be done in tandem with personalization, both when it comes to your goals and objectives, but also related to the needs of your customers, and the holiday season is a wonderful period from making personalization count. Once you decide upon using text message marketing for your holiday season campaigns, you need to find the ones that work for you. Today, we are going to be talking about 5 great holiday text message marketing campaign that bring the magic of the season to all companies implementing them, and guarantee a strengthening of all relationships with customers.

Low Stock Alerts on Holiday Products

People have a lot of items on their wish list during the holidays, and for most of them it is important to find what they are looking for in time for Christmas, which is why implementing a low stock alert via text message marketing is a great idea for keeping your customers up-to-date with the products you have and giving them an opportunity to plan ahead when it comes to their Christmas shopping. You can send a text message letting your customers know the existing quantity of the products they are interested in, but also a projection as to when you will run out of those products.

For an increasing success rate, you can combine a low stock alert with a discount code, that way growing the chances of convincing people to buy the products they want from you and not from another retailer.

Holiday Event Text Message Marketing Campaign

In-store events are the hallmark of the holiday season, especially in the retail industry, yet it takes paring them with an excellent text message marketing campaign to see their full potential. People are still exciting about in-store shopping seasons, all the more so during the holidays. Giving your customers a brand experience they won’t forget is all about making sure you are paying attention to their needs, and taking all the right measures in order to give them more than access to their favorite products.

Using a text message marketing campaign for sending information about holiday events is an intimate and efficient manner in letting your customers knows you care about them. Making sure those events reflect the spirit of the holidays and are in coordination with your products and objectives will provide you with more chances of impressing your customers and potential investors.

Special Discounts, Holiday Offers, and Loyalty Programs

Sending discounts or special offers, and creating loyalty programs via text message marketing is something most companies do all year long, but during the holidays, these strategies need to take on new clothes, as to reflect the importance of the season, and to show to customers that you value their holiday shopping. Make sure that your campaign reflects the special offers you have throughout the holidays, and don’t limit yourself to your usual discounts. Getting into the holiday spirit is an excellent way of improving the relationship you have with your customers and with your community. For example, you can create a campaign in which a special discount or a 2 for 1 offer is given to customers who donate products to local charities, such as toys for children coming from underprivileged homes.

Also, since the holiday season is a time in which people want to make sure they receive their gifts for Christmas, if you are running an online store, you can use text message marketing to send information about special speedy delivery offers.

Text-to-Win Holiday Contests

The great thing about text message marketing is that it can perfectly blend together the intimacy that it offers customers with the needs of a business, especially in terms of getting people to visit brick-and-mortar stores. During the holiday season, the best way to do that is to implement text-to-win contests. For example, you can offer a voucher, a special discount, or a free product to the 30th (or any other number based on your customer visit statistics) person to text in a certain day. You can have various contests throughout the holiday season, or you can have one in a day that most benefits you, such as a few days before Christmas, when there is still time for people to shop for their gifts.

Limited-Time Offers

People are more prone to spontaneous shopping during the holiday season, which you need to take advantage of creating limited-time offers and send them via text message marketing. If you have a good customer database and know the purchasing habits of your customers, you will be able to find the right times for implementing such a campaign. If your database is not that developed yet, you can use the holidays as a guidance and offer limited-time only discounts in days in which people are more likely to be out shopping. If you integrate text message marketing with proximity marketing, you will be able to implement holiday flash sales based on the proximity of your customers to your stores. Given that text messages are opened almost immediately; you can offer special discounts for a limited-time only to people in the vicinity of your stores.

Don’t forget to take advantage of the text message marketing campaigns you will be running during the holiday season and gather customer feedback, but also build a strong database with information collected from the campaigns. This will help you with future marketing campaigns and also give you an insight into how successful your holiday season has been. Solutions such as M360 provide you with a wide range of options when it comes to gathering and analyzing feedback, so make sure that your marketing campaign is conducted with the help of a modern and efficient tool.

When it comes to text message marketing campaigns, the most essential aspect you need to have in mind, regardless whether you are implementing them during the holiday season or throughout the year is that personalization matters. Drafting your text message marketing campaigns and strategies with that aspect in mind will give you an edge over your competitors and show your customers you care about their needs.

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