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Create and track a closed-loop customer acquisition opportunity with a feature-rich, campaign in a box platform

Maximize your campaign results with the one text message marketing solution that is easy to implement, reduces execution time, and allows for better data-based decisions.

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Reach Client Goals with Maximum Results

• Dashboard and real-time tracking allow you to show that a campaign is working immediately or adjust the message, as necessary
• You’ll start seeing results the moment you launch a text message marketing campaign. 29% of recipients click on links in texts and 47% of those make a purchase
• Detailed reports allow you to make better data decisions

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Increased Efficiencies

• Easy-to-use, out-of-the-box system requires little training and staff support
• Start viewing results immediately; easily capture leads and tweak messaging, as needed
• Drive traffic to your other marketing channels including social media and web pages
• Easily view ROI reports on your desktop or with our smartphone apps

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Save Time & Money

• Get a world-class system that is feature rich and competitively priced
• "Campaign in a box" platform that is easy to implement and reduces execution time
• Quick turnaround to get up and running
• Easy to use by anyone

Agency Sweeps


Your goal is to create an effortless campaign for your client and offer them an innovative branding opportunity for consumers.  Let us take care of the guesswork out of the selection of the winners and every notification step along the way.

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Agency Campaigns

Interactive Campaigns

Deliver the power of text marketing to your existing campaigns.  Data shows that the average American spends four hours a day on a mobile phone.  Shouldn’t they be looking at your client’s brand?

  • Combine SMS to your existing marketing to improve effectiveness and reach
  • Drive traffic to social media and web pages
  • Provide links to e-commerce products
  • Link to app stores using built-in device detection

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Production swings are normal throughout the year meaning you will have different workforce and vendor demands on a day-to-day basis. With RedFlag, you can notify workers and vendors if you need or don’t need them as well as fill open shifts giving the ability to easily keep up with production demands.

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Access from Anywhere - Pocketstop

Access from Anywhere

Send messages, communicate and gather insights from anywhere using any device.

Real Time Analytics Pocketstop

Real Time Analytics

Intuitive dashboard to monitor overall program performance and make more informed decisions.

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Save Time

Automatically import employee and vendor data from existing software.

World Class Support - Pocketstop

World Class Support

365-day support with onboarding, training, and ongoing consulting.

RedFlag Dashboard - Mass Notification

"Using Pocketstop RedFlag I can easily send a message quickly. I can create and store draft messages or access template messages provided by corporate, so when we need them in a crunch they’re right there and it’s not me in a panic trying to figure out what to write. "

- Secille Siverio, JLL

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