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One-to-One Text-Based Company Communications

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Your Employees Would Prefer to Text You. Now It’s Easier Than Ever.

Texting has become the number-one preferred method of communication. Enhance employee satisfaction and boost efficiency by making it easier than ever for your employees to text you with a one-to-one conversation.

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HR benefits

Anonymous tips

Staffing referrals

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1-to-1 Employee Communications Via Text

Your employees use SMS text messaging more than any other type of communication. It’s fast, easy, and most people’s first choice for communicating with friends, family, and co-workers.

The fastest, easiest way to encourage your employees to contact you via text is simply by communicating your texting number to your employees, or placing a “text us” link on your company’s employee intranet.

When they click on the link, their mobile phone’s texting app will automatically launch with your text number pre-populated, allowing your one-to-one communication to begin immediately.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Encourage Employee Engagement

Increase Efficiency & Resolve Problems Immediately

Reduce Costs & Answer Questions Faster

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How One-to-One Communication Works

How One-to-One Communication Works

Receive Inbound Text

Your employee sees an issue & quickly sends a text to your published number.

Get Notified

Multiple designated management personnel simultaneously receive the alert via text and email.


Management can immediately coordinate by texting with the employee, coordinating a conference call or coordinating a response.

Alert Others

You can send a group message to other employees or stakeholders if needed.

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