RedFlag Mass Notification System

Keeping your most valuable assets — your people — safe, secure and informed.

RedFlag delivers action oriented notifications via text, voice, social and email.

Message Distribution

Independent channel selection including text, voice, email, social posts and custom channels including Intranet, digital signage and more.

Send messages immediately or schedule for future delivery.

Store message templates to ensure consistency and speed up distribution.

Platform User Management

Multi-level role based permission system.

Platform user capabilities range from complete system administration to message broadcast only editors.

Flexible filtering to send messages to the specific contacts.

Flexible Audience Management

Enter and manage your contact profiles manually or via spreadsheets.

Automatically sync with your existing database.

Enable your subscribers to register and select their own contact preferences.


Software As-A Service means no software to install.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform ensures scalability and reliability.


Microsoft Office Integration

Send notifications from within Microsoft Outlook without leaving your desktop or web application.

Manage users and groups directly from Microsoft Excel without file import and export manipulation.

Directly post messages into existing groups within the Yammer platform.


Gain insights into the success of message delivery by both channel and by contact.

Provide tracking and awareness of your broadcast history including date, topic and creator.

Database visualization to understand preferences and gaps.

Industries We Serve


Property Management

RedFlag helps you easily inform tenants and staff about maintenance issues, modified office hours, criminal activity, weather alerts and more. Emails and flyers aren’t enough when sending critical information. Use a multi-channel approach to ensure all residents receive important information quickly. Upload contact data directly from your existing management software or enable the tenants to self-register.


RedFlag will improve internal communication across every department. Examples include: IT providing proactive updates during service outages. Helping Risk Management accelerate incident response. Enhancing HR and Communications ability to provide notifications of office closings, call in additional staff or remind employees about important topics. You can also target specific groups by dynamically creating custom distribution lists like location, department or job title.


Now you can overcome the communication challenges that disparate locations, transient workers, lack of computer access or incomplete contact information presents. It is vital that you can effectively connect with your employees and RedFlag provides a simple, effective way by enabling them to self-register to receive critical information. Now you can quickly alert affected people about security issues, office closings, pricing and promotional updates, policy changes and system outages.


Educational Institutions have a diverse and disparate audience to keep informed during critical situations. Staff, students and parents are spread out across campus and beyond with varying access to technology. During critical incidents like criminal activity, weather alerts, modified schedules and more, an immediate and effective connection is vital. You can also ensure you only send the message to the people who are impacted, ensuring high read rates and the ability to drive the desired behavior.

Common Use Cases


Natural Disaster & Severe Weather


System Outages or Updates


Building & Area-wide Infrastructure Issues


Office Closings & Modified Business Hours


Annual Enrollment Info & Deadlines

Call in Additional Staff


Criminal Activity — Active Shooter, Hostage Situation, Robbery/Theft, Child Abduction

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