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Get More Done With Our Straightxt Zapier Integration

Easily and Efficiently Grow Your SMS Marketing Database

Extend the power and reach of your text message marketing campaigns by utilizing Zapier to collect customer data using this form-based integration.

With the Straightxt Zapier integration, you have an efficient and simple way of gathering consumer data by connecting Straightxt to some of the most popular forms in use. These new contacts can then automatically be added to the Straightxt database giving you the ability to continue marketing to them so you can convert them into loyal and revenue producing customers.

The best part is this integration eliminates the need for technical skill through the use of Zaps. You choose the form application you are using to collect mobile numbers (and other data), connect it with Straightxt in just a few clicks and you’re done!

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What Is A Zap?

In Zapier, a Zap is a blueprint for a task you want to do over and over again. A Zap greatly increases your productivity by drastically decreasing the amount of work you and your team have to do.

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Straightxt Zapier Integration Examples

Some, but not all, of the form-based applications you can connect Straightxt to with Zapier are:

  1. Facebook Lead Ads
  2. Formstack
  3. Gravity Forms
  4. Google Forms
  5. Instagram Lead Ads
  6. JotForm
  7. Ninja Forms
  8. Typeform
  9. Wufoo

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How To Connect Straightxt to Zapier

Step 1: Login to your Straightxt account to find your API key by selecting Menu > Settings > Integration Information, and click on the copy icon.
Step 2: Login to Zapier.
Step 3: Click here for the Straightxt app then select, “Start using Straightxt now!”
Step 4: Click on “Accept Invite & Build A Zap”
Step 5: Select, “Make a Zap”
Step 6: Search and select your form app then hit Continue.
Step 7: Use your login credentials to provide Zapier access to your form-based app.
Step 8: Select Straightxt and click on “Add Account”
Step 9: Fill out the Zapier popup form with the API key and click Continue.
Step 10: Customize the fields, select Continue, and you’re finished!

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