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Prospects Want to Send a Text Message to You. Are You Letting Them?

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Simply Add “Text Us” to Start Generating Leads Immediately

When prospects attempt to text the landline phone number you’ve been using for years, our online texting service routes the messages straight to your sales reps’ dashboard. Or when prospects click on your “text us” link, their mobile phone’s text messaging app automatically launches and you can instantly begin a two-way conversation.

Respond to Inquiries in Real Time

More Convenient for Customers

Provide a Human Touch

Build Rapport Immediately

Your Customers Prefer Texting

It’s not just millennials – SMS text messaging has become the most used method of communication overall. It’s what people reach for first. If you’re not set up to receive their inquiries and orders via text, you’re asking them to go somewhere else.

Competitive Differentiator

The company with the best service often wins the sale. That’s nothing new. What’s new is that “best service” now means being easy to reach via text. If your competitor hasn’t gotten the memo, text-based sales will set you apart.

The Human Touch

People have become very comfortable texting and the format lends itself to short, informal communications with abbreviations and emojis. Meanwhile, many people resist picking up the phone to talk to a stranger. Texting therefore becomes the perfect first-contact, allowing your sales representatives to begin establishing a relationship before transferring to a phone call when it’s needed.

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How It Works

How It Works

Receive Text

A prospect clicks on the “Text Us” link on your website and their cell phone launches text app.

A customer texts your landline.

Get Notified

When the text comes in, you and whoever else you determine gets a notification via email or text message.

Respond to the Text

The text is routed to your sales department, who can manage and reply to messages via the dashboard or configure automated responses.

Tracking & Analytics

See detailed analytics and reports to optimize future communications.

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