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Your Customers Want Help Via Text Message. Are You Serving Their Needs?

Texting has become consumers’ number-one preferred method of communication. Enhance customer interactions with mobile friendly convenience and faster, live chat responses by using the most used form of communication today.

Create smarter, more personalized customer support engagement through one-to-one text message conversations.

Respond to Inquiries in Real Time

More Convenient for Customers

Build Rapport Immediately

Quickly Gain Valuable Customer Feedback

Works with Light or Remote Staff

The Convenience of Mobile Communications

Today’s consumer and business customers should never have to wait on hold to speak to someone or until they’re at a desktop to ask questions or seek help from customer service representatives. nGage Customer Service makes customer service engagement via mobile text messaging even better, because it’s immediate.

Your Customers Prefer Texting

It’s not just millennials – SMS text messaging has become the most used method of communication overall. It’s what people reach for first. If you’re not set up to receive their customer service inquiries via text, you’re asking them to go somewhere else.

Competitive Differentiator

The company with the best service keeps the customer. That’s nothing new. What’s new is that “best service” now means being easy to reach via text. If your competitor hasn’t gotten the memo, text-based customer service communications will set you apart.

The Human Touch

People have become very comfortable texting family and friends and the format lends itself to short, informal communications with abbreviations and emojis. Texting allows your customer support representatives to establish friendly rapport immediately, which is an immediate positive reflection on your entire company.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Texting allows you to provide answers faster and improve resolution rates. Create higher agent utilization and reduce voice channel overhead. Conduct several sessions in parallel, reducing unpopular hold times for phone-based support.

Harness the Power of “In-the-Moment” Inquiries and Interactions

Customers in the process of contemplating a buying decision are the most likely to engage and the most valuable to reach. Provide personalized or automated responses that increase engagement and reduce revenue churn.

Build Better Relationships

Increase Efficiency & Reduce Costs

Answer Questions & Resolve Problems Immediately

Provide “Always On” Support

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How Customer Service Communication Works

How Customer Service Communication Works

Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

To cut cost, you eliminated your on-site customer service department, but you still need to provide an A+ customer experience.

Advertise a New Mobile Concierge

Tell your customers to text their questions and feedback to your mobile concierge number.

Efficiently Respond

Let one staff member handle multiple real-time customer conversations at once from an easy to use platform accessible via any device (laptop, tablet, or mobile).

Track and Gain Insight

Learn and improve as leadership reviews tracked conversations to identify trends in customer questions and feedback.

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