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The Mass Notification System Market Is Exploding!

The Mass Notification System Market Is Exploding!

October 6, 2015 Posted by in Pockestop News, Mass Notification

The Demand for Mass Notification Systems Is Increasing Every Day

The demand for mass notification systems is increasing every day. Why? Why is this market predicted to be worth $8.57 Billion by 20201? Let’s find out. “The major forces driving this market are the growing need for public safety, increasing awareness for emergency communication solutions, requisite for business continuity, and the trend towards mobility is rising. Hence, the adoption of mass notification [system] solutions is increasing. Also, the enterprises are expected to follow business continuity and disaster recovery and public safety compliance standards which are boosting the sales of mass notification solutions. Most of the enterprises across different verticals are actively formulating policies and procedures to ensure operational safety and minimizing loss of life and loss of property in case of emergencies1.”

As a player in the mass notification system industry, we provide our RedFlag notification system to a variety of industries with a focus on managers of retail and residential real estate properties. Our clients, no matter where they operate, need an affordable but high quality and very reliable mass notification system solution to help meet the growing needs of public safety, emergency communication solutions, business continuity requirements and increasing mobility.

Let’s break down the current needs of this market and take a further look into why the mass notification system market is growing steadily.

Public Safety

As the property manager of a shopping mall, you’ve got many stakeholders—tenants, employees and the mall’s patrons. A mass notification system can be used by shopping mall property managers to notify tenants of an emergency situation and let them know whether to evacuate themselves and their customers or to shelter-in-place. Law enforcement personnel can use a mass notification system to mobilize forces for an immediate response to public safety threats. Schools, colleges and universities can use mass notification systems to communicate to students, teachers and staff, who are widely distributed, and may be located on or off campus. There are endless applications for public safety uses of mass notification systems and more and more organizations are learning the benefits each and every day.

Awareness for Emergency Communication Solutions

Our thoughts and prayers go out to those killed in last week’s shooting at the Umpqua Community College. It was a sad day for our nation to learn about another such event. Unfortunately and sadly these events seem to be happening more often. The attention these events receive, in addition to other critical situations like severe weather, flooding and wildfires, make owners and managers, administrators and leaders stop and think about emergency preparedness, emergency communications and what they would do if a similar event happened to them. Mass notifications in these situations could provide critical communications to those affected during such events.

Requisite for Business Continuity

Business continuity, emergency communications and disaster recovery planning are critical components of any business’s preparedness plans. Mass notification systems used for these functions can keep your tenants, employees, staff (anyone and everyone) in touch and on the same page when operations are interrupted. Mobilizing emergency action teams, sharing critical information, providing instructions, updates and ways to receive feedback are things a mass notification system can provide a business’s continuity plan.

Growing Trend for Mobility

Really, if you’re not able to communication from anywhere, anytime to anyone you are behind the times. Using cloud-based mass notification systems give a business flexibility and convenience when it comes to mass communications. If you’ve got a fire engulfing your company’s headquarters—nothing inside is going to help you. You must have a way to access your employee’s contact information and a way to quickly communicate with them. A mass notification system doubles as a contact database located securely in the cloud. If you’re traveling on the other side of the world and you get notified of a fire—you can send a message to specific groups of people (like customers letting them know there might be shipping delays or employees letting them know to stay away for their own safety).

There you have it. Some of the reasons why the mass notification system market is growing—and growing fast! For more information about Pocketstop’s mass notification system, the RedFlag notification system, please give us a call at 877-840-2444 or go to to live chat with us today.


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