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Double Exposure Of Business Man Hand Working On Blank Screen Laptop Computer On Wooden Desk As Concept With Social Media Diagram

Staying Connected in a Post Pandemic Workplace

Double Exposure Of Business Man Hand Working On Blank Screen Laptop Computer On Wooden Desk As Concept With Social Media Diagram

January 22, 2021 Posted by in Mass Notification

While communicating effectively during a crisis is key, it is also imperative how we communicate after and prior to a crisis occurring. Effective communication is important to remaining competitive and staying connected in the current and post-pandemic workplace. The workplace ecosystem now consists of millions of remote workers as well as employees that are always on the go. This change means that employee tools must support the new workforce – tools like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). Filos Technology’s UCaaS drives productivity in the workplace by enabling remote employees to communicate instantly from one central hub, while having the capabilities to collaborate without restraints.

Simplifying your workplace crisis communication strategy is key to optimal productivity avoiding managing multiple apps which can hinder it. UCaaS can be streamlined with one central hub while living in the cloud, so if you have internet connection, then you have the same experience as you would if you were working from the office.

Below are some of the ways UCaaS supports remote workers and allows you to stay connected in a post-pandemic workplace.

Greater Mobility

The speed of response time to customers often determines the success of a brand. UCaaS facilitates access away from the office, enabling workers to respond and connect with customers quickly, and without limitations from their remote office.

To remain competitive within your industry you must offer flexible communication options to your employees.

Real-Time Responses

UCaaS supports automation of voicemails to email, making it so that you no longer need to pay for an expensive phone system offering immediate responses to customers. In the case you miss an important call, the voicemail will automatically be sent to your inbox and can be forwarded to another user if needed. This automated process allows you to respond immediately to urgent matters and support customers in real-time.

Greater Collaboration

The beauty of remote work with UCaaS involved, is that your team may be working from different locations around the country, while still collaborating on work restraints. Filos Technology’s UCaaS keeps your team connected on one network while enabling virtual meetings, instant messaging, and more to occur within one central hub. Beyond this enhanced ability to communicate more effectively, UCaaS can also facilitate greater teamwork by providing the ability to share and work on documents simultaneously.

Reliability with UCaaS vs. Mass Notification Systems

While effective communication is key to productivity, every organization should still have a plan to protect what they have built in the case of a crisis. You cannot remain productive when your system is down, and that is why so many businesses depend on UCaaS or an emergency notification system for communications.

With UCaaS, all data is stored on the cloud and backed up regularly. There is no on-premises infrastructure because the data and communications system are independent of your physical location, meaning your data and communications features can be accessed in the cloud or data center from any device connected to the internet. This also means, secured data, and continued communications if your system goes offline.

While UCaaS allows you to keep up with your external productivity, mass notification systems are what keep you afloat internally in case of a crisis. A feature rich app makes it easy to send timely, personalized, relevant messages to groups or specific individuals during a crisis. Mass notification systems deliver real time alerts and critical information to groups of any size when emergency events occur such as: severe weather, IT network failure, facility closings, maintenance issues, and cyber-attacks. RedFlag’s ability to quickly compose a message once and send it to multiple channels with the click of a button is what keeps organizations’ people and data safe and secure. Mass notification systems allow you to send multi-channel messages directly from Outlook, and manage all notifications with an easy-to-use dashboard, while generating detailed reports, among other features.

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