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Emergency Action Plan For Workplace Accidents

March 5, 2014 Posted by in Business, emergency, Emergency Action Plan, Emergency Preparedness Plan, News, notification, Trending

An Emergency Action Plan (EAP) is a written document that elucidates the actions of employees and employers in the event of a workplace emergency. A well developed EAP, when used in conjunction with effective employee training, can help to reduce the likelihood and severity of damage caused during such emergencies.

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How To Choose An Emergency Notification System

January 22, 2014 Posted by in Business, emergency, Emergency Notification System, Emergency Preparedness Plan, News, Trending

Emergency notification systems can play a key role in the event of a crisis, where there is no scope for human error. Having an effective emergency response system in place can help reduce the magnitude of damage caused during a crisis to a significant extent. It is important for such a system to be easy to use and manage, and …

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RedFlag Notification System is intuitive and easy to use

January 15, 2014 Posted by in Business, emergency, Emergency Notification System, News, notification, Trending

Emergencies can be confusing, but your Mass Notification System doesn’t have to be.

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