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Older Disabled Woman On Wheelchair In Nursing Home

5 Qualities of a Great Senior Living Facility

Older Disabled Woman On Wheelchair In Nursing Home

May 14, 2019 Posted by in Other

In recent years, there has been a surge in demand for high-quality senior living facilities. Many people scout for these assisted living facilities for the elder members of their family. They often spend days researching online and visiting different facilities before making their final decision. They want to ensure that their loved ones are treated with the utmost care and compassion.

The goal of a great senior living facility should be to provide a safe and comfortable living environment. They should focus on maintaining a resident’s quality of life for as long as possible. Top-notch infrastructure and world-class amenities play a significant role in this. However, if you wish to build a truly special senior living facility, it must stand out in the crowd.

Here are five qualities that a high-quality senior living facility must possess:

1. Homely Environment

Moving from the comfort of your home to an unknown place can be one of the most traumatic experiences. It becomes even more unsettling when the shift happens in old age. Therefore, the top priority of any senior living facility should be to provide an atmosphere that makes residents feel at home. The idea is to help residents in every possible way to adjust in a new environment.

The first step is to create vibrant and cheerful living spaces. The rooms and suites should help residents feel comfortable and relaxed. In addition, residents should also be given access to common areas such as a library, gym, dining hall, cafeteria, etc. This helps create the impression of a friendly neighborhood instead of an alien living environment.

Additionally, a great senior living facility strives to build a sense of community among residents. They are encouraged to participate in different activities such as gardening, painting, cooking, etc. It is crucial to give them the means to explore and pursue their passion. The facility may even organize regular cultural events or movie screenings for residents’ recreation.

Family interaction is extremely crucial for the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing of residents. Thus, most high-quality senior living facilities encourage family members to come for regular visits. They often schedule periodic activities that require the involvement of family members. In addition, they can also allow visitors to stay overnight and let residents enjoy more quality time with their loved ones.

2. Compassionate Staff

The quality of life provided in a senior living facility largely depends on its caregivers. Therefore, it is crucial to recruit thoughtful, kind, and sensitive staff who can provide high-quality care to residents. They should treat residents with respect and be patient towards their needs and demands. Moreover, they should possess excellent communication skills in order to get along with residents of different age groups.

Top assisted living facilities have a good resident-to-staff ratio. It prevents caregivers from getting overworked. This, in turn, ensures that they can maintain a positive outlook and remain empathetic towards residents. Such facilities often use modern technology to carry out basic and repetitive tasks and share the load of staff members.

In addition, it is also important to ensure that your staff is well-trained to tackle any medical or non-medical emergencies. They should be able to handle any unforeseen circumstances with calm and composure. You can use a Pocketstop’s Redflag to alert caregivers and residents in case of any emergencies. You can also use the software to send regular notifications and keep them updated about the residents’ health.

3. Impeccable Hygiene

Most residents at a senior living facility are susceptible to infections and allergies owing to their age. Therefore, cleanliness and hygiene are crucial for the physical wellbeing of residents. You should focus on building a safe and healthy living environment. It is one aspect that can not be compromised with.

Staff members, including caregivers, should be trained to maintain their personal hygiene as well as that of residents. In addition, the facility must be equipped with efficient janitors who work incessantly to keep the place spotless and germ-free. This can go a long way to improve the quality of life and keep residents healthy, physically as well as mentally.

4. Personalized Care and Medical Assistance

No two residents have the same emotional and physical needs. That is why the best senior living facilities develop a customized care plan for every resident. It is built to take care of any illness or disability they might have. In addition, the plan has to be regularly modified to accommodate any change in life circumstances.

Most residents are likely to be at an age where they will require medical care from time to time. The senior living facilities should recruit on-call doctors and trained nurses to help provide them with proper treatment for their ailments. In addition, a great senior living facility should be equipped with the technology and resources to provide appropriate medical assistance.

5. Convenient Location

The location of a senior living facility has a significant impact on the emotional wellbeing of its residents. If you want them to feel at home, they need to get the impression of a pleasant neighborhood. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a location that is not entirely cut off from civilization.

A great senior living facility should be close to places such as community parks, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. This allows residents to take a break from their routine life if and when it becomes overbearing for them. In addition, you can also organize regular visits to a nearby park or movie theatre. Such outings help residents feel relaxed and foster a sense of community and belonging among them.


The best senior living facilities aren’t all about fancy rooms and luxurious amenities. Instead, they strive to imbibe a resident-centric approach that allows them to provide unparalleled care. It is crucial to hire trained, polite, and compassionate staff members. It is equally essential to have a personalized plan for every resident that caters specifically to their needs.

In addition, a great senior living facility should focus on building a community. You should organize group activities such as meditation sessions, art classes, etc. and encourage residents to participate. It helps them interact and bond with other residents. You should also invite family members for scheduled activities as well as surprise visits.

A great senior living facility should do everything for the emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing of its residents. Do you agree? Share your views in the comments section below.

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