Adding value to existing applications with notification technology.

Integrating notification functionality into existing applications can expand the use of an application and make it more valuable to your organization. In many cases it can streamline the distribution of important information and eliminate the need for a secondary platform.

Pocketstop’s Broadcast API (Application Programming Interface) provides you the ability to integrate the latest notification technology into new or the existing applications your team is already using.

The Broadcast API adds multi-channel notification broadcasting services to any existing application on an HTTP-supported platform. The interface platform resides on Microsoft Azure and automatically scales based upon load. To ensure data and system integrity, all data is backed up nightly with seven day retention.

Pocketstop’s notification system utilizes the power of the Broadcast API. Don’t just read about it. See it in action and talk to our communications specialist about how you plan to use the Broadcast API. Tell us about your application and request pricing today.


  • Create, edit and view customers profiles and contact information
  • Create groups to assist in segmenting messages
  • Add and remove customers from your existing groups
  • Specify how customers or employees will receive notifications
  • Store social media account management information
  • Create and edit messages to send at a later time
  • Simultaneously broadcast a single message to multiple groups
  • Voice, text, and email are supported
  • Access delivery reports at an overview or detailed level
  • Create sub-accounts (Merchant) and segment customer data per account


  • Stateless communications
  • Light-weight message formats
  • Actions correspond to standard HTTP verbs (GET/POST/PUT/PATCH, etc.)
  • Resources are identified by a URI
  • Standard HTTP response codes are used (200/400/403/404, etc.)

How can the Broadcast API empower your application?

  • Add multi-channel messaging: voice, text, and email messages, social media posts, desktop and browser notifications
  • Increase customer and employee engagement
  • Internally house your multi-channel messaging system and data
  • Protect your existing intellectual property related to your application environment

If you have additional questions about integrating our Broadcast API into your application, submit a request and a technical Account Manager will assist you.

Additional features available when using OData Protocol

  • Uniform way to expose, structure, query, and manipulate the data using REST practices and JSON or ATOM syntax to describe the payload.
  • Uniform way to represent metadata about the data, allowing your applications to know more about the type system, relationships, and structure of the data
  • Developers who already know how to target an OData API can quickly integrate it without a learning curve for working with the dataset
  • OData client libraries are available within the OData community to speed up development against OData endpoints

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