Real-Time Engagement
Enhance customer service, generate
better leads & improve communication
by providing the connectivity that
helps your business grow.


Live Agent Customer Service


Lead Generation


Internal Communications

Why nGage?

Let’s face it, people are on their mobile devices constantly — so much so that it has become the preferred method for communication. Without the right tools in place, companies start to lose their connection with their audience. nGage makes it easy to add mobile messaging and effectively open up a new, exciting way to engage people in conversations.

It's an Always on World

Meet the demand for immediate answers by providing instant gratification and access to information that people expect.


Use technology with a human touch, and build real, authentic relationships. Allow people to connect on their terms, eliminating frustrations and improving satisfaction.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost

Texting allows you to provide answers faster and improve resolution rates. Create higher agent utilization and reduce voice channel overhead. Conduct several sessions in parallel, reducing unpopular hold times for phone-based support.

Harness the Power of “In-the-Moment” Inquiries and Interactions

Customers in the process of contemplating a buying decision are the most likely to engage and the most valuable to reach. Provide personalized or automated responses that increase engagement and reduce revenue churn.

How It Works

Encourage feedback and build relationships in a whole new way.