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Employee Crisis Communication Preparedness Quiz

Natural disasters, fires, criminal activity, and other emergencies happen – sometimes without notice. During a crisis, companies need to communicate quickly to ensure their employees and stakeholders are safe and informed. Is your company prepared?

Imagine your company was faced with an unexpected emergency. The following two-minute quiz is intended to help you think through what you would do and if your current processes are sufficient to ensure employee safety.

Unless you answered “A” for each of the questions above, your crisis communication plan and implementation could be stronger. A robust, clear, and multi-channel crisis communication system allows you to be prepared for an emergency. We can help you get on the right track. Pocketstop’s Mass Communication System helps companies communicate effectively with their stakeholders, internal audiences and employees.

Our clients often reach out to us with success stories. They tell us that we make crisis communications as low-stress as possible. For example, our Houston, Texas, clients let us know that Pocketstop kept their employees safe and informed during Hurricane Harvey.

See RedFlag in Action

Watch the two-minute demo video to see how RedFlag can help you reach your employees in 30 seconds or less.

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